This page is for the contest for an Avatar AMP Suit, new in box! 


Rules are as follows:

1. You must get all 3 questions correct to be entered. 

2. You can only enter once! Multiple entries are disqualified! 

3. You must email me at with the answers and your real name (this is used to dq multiple entries), no later than 1159 pm May 30th.

4. The winner will be emailed for his mailing address on 1 June 2012 and your Amp Suit will be on it's way! 

1. Lifeline is the GI Joe Medic. Although he is a non-combatant, he is a ranking belt in WHAT Martial Art?  ___________ 

2. In GI Joe Special Missions #4, Who does he defeat using this Martial Art? ______________ 

3. Name any one of the following three techniques (all are from this martial Art)