Rise of the Shadow Guard

 This was my second Dio Story. My First "Fallout" was shot on a crappy camera and never finished, although I have about 80% of the pictures I took. Some Day I may revisit that storyline, but it was in line with where my Dios are now, so maybe not! Anyway....

Rise of the Shadow Guard introduces the reader to the current state of Cobra. It is in decline. In order to tighten the reigns, Cobra Commander takes a new officer, Colonel Vargas and using a core of 20 CG's , creates a new internal security force..."The Shadow Guard". They are the nastiest of the nasty. Imagine being the guys in an evil organization who have to weed out good guys...


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Your Loving Son, Chris

Ok, a little story behind this one. My Piason, Shane aka LordRaven, was making a dio about a guy named Jim going through Viper training. I decided it was a good idea and I created his little brother "Chris", a greedy, selfish Marine Corps washout who finds himself in Cobra Blueshirt training. (Blueshirt is like Boot Camp/ Basic training while Viper training is like Infantry School/Marine SOI!). 

Here the reader is introduced to Sgt Riddick, a major character in the next dios.  

LetterhomeChris.pdf LetterhomeChris.pdf
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Shane's Dio...in Zipped Format!  

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 Riddick Run

Ok, here's where Mr. Bad-assitude gets away from Cobra. Something has happened since we last saw him and now Cobra wants him back...at ALL COSTS. But, as Cobra Commander is about to find out, ALL COSTS may be more than what Cobra can afford!!



Riddickrun.pdf Riddickrun.pdf
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 Enemy of My Enemy Parts 1, 2 and 3

  Our boy is still on the run, with Cobra and half of Miami on his tail. Who gets him in the end.... 

Enemy of my Enemy (Ch2).pdf Enemy of my Enemy (Ch2).pdf
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Enemy of my Enemy (Ch3) (2).pdf Enemy of my Enemy (Ch3) (2).pdf
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Enemy of my Enemy(Ch1).pdf Enemy of my Enemy(Ch1).pdf
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 Smoke and Mirrors

 Now allied with the coil, Riddick must fight to keep one step ahead of Cobra Commander and Destro's Street Wise half brother, Pimp Daddy. 

Smoke and Mirrors.pdf Smoke and Mirrors.pdf
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My latest Dio deals with the sucessful creation of the third Cobra Emporer, Serpentor. His genetic structure and personality has been drastically altered from the last two Serpentors. Will he be the one who will sucessfully conquor the world?

Ok, I figured it out and split EndGame into 2 PDF's small enough to upload/Download/ email....here ya go..... 

EndGame1.pdf EndGame1.pdf
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Endgame2.pdf Endgame2.pdf
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Winds of Change 

Cobra is on the offensive, but NOT against who you might think!

Winds of Change.pdf Winds of Change.pdf
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 Total Recall

The "Phoenix Protocol" has been activated and GI Joe is recruiting some new talent! 

Total Recall.pdf Total Recall.pdf
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