Ender's Wars


   Ok, what's this site all about? I'll tell ya. As a kid, I collected Star Wars action figures. I liked them, but there was something missing...ARTICULATION!! I got my first G.I. Joe 3 3/4 inch figure July 4th 1982 at Rite Aid. I got Stalker and Snake eyes. I Loved the fact that their arms bent at the elbows. From then on I was hooked. I quit collecting in 1989, but kept what I had. Years later, I broke them out and found out that the G.I. Joe collection had stared up again. I started collecting, but had nothing really to do with them but put the on a shelf and look at them. One day, I was on the internet and I saw where someone made a "Dio Story". They created little sets and made a comic book series of pictures with their figures! I was hooked! So, enjoy my dio stories. Most are serious. I try to make them human stories more than just war stories. My goal is to tell a story that will make you forget you are looking at toy figures in a made up world. If it works, I have done my job! 

 Some of my small dios are funny, like "Joe Fiction", a parody of scenes from "Pulp Fiction". So, welcome! Kick back, and enjoy!  

Someone  asked what "Dios" meant to us, I said this.......

"To me, "Dios" means works of Art. It is more than just crude tissue paper and pipe cleaner palm trees with plastic dinosaurs in a box set up as a static display. It's Combining Model making, photography, lighting, Set Design, Story telling and Special Effects And enjoying taking the time, effort and imagination to combine these crafts to make people suspend their disbelief, quit thinking they are looking at toys and enjoy a story...hopefully a well told one! It's taking the childish art of the Diorama and professionally bringing it to life.

It's not about being the best at any of these disciplines, yet learning and improving in each of them so they compliment one another and bring alive an art that started as making a model of a single moment in time!"


This is my goofy self at Niagara Falls! I sign autographs...for a nominal fee! LOL