My JoeVerse


 This page is to basically give you an idea of how my story may differ from "canon" GI Joe stories, Characters unique to my Stories and little things that will keep you from going "What the hell is he talking about?" when reading my Stories.





 Riddick is based on the Character in the film "Pitch Black", but in my story, he is a Former Cobra Soldier who gets the short end of the stick and ends up being injected with Venom II serum. The Venom II serum was a doctored version of the original Venom serum in the Valor Vs Venom series. It gives the patient the qualities of whatever animals DNA is in the Venom serum. Venom II was a cocktail of some of the most potent predators on the planet. Unfortunately, only one subject survived. He gained superior reflexes, strength, night vision, agility and borderline precognition at the expense of losing all memory prior to the experiment. Cobra Commander wants him back to clone and bolster his forces. But Riddick has other plans!








 I got this idea from two sources, the garish 1997 destro figure, and the fact that Devil's Due comics introduced James McCullens illegitimate Son, Alexander. I though "why shouldn't all the McCullen Lords have mistresses and illegitimate kids?". What if Destro's father had another son? And what if he left him the right in his will to wear the Destro mask and use the name? And to make it fun, I will have James and the rest of the Clan keep him out of the Arms business, so to spite them, he will build an empire of Vice around the world. Drugs, women, liquor, endangered species smuggling...anything for a price! He dresses outlandishly and runs around like a celebrity rubbing the snobbish Destro Clan's nose in the fact that he is sucessful DESPITE their snubbing him!

 But, don't let looks fool you, he's as sly and dangerous as any Destro and a hundred times more streetwise! Definitely one of my favorite unique characters!!





 The Killer Angels


The killer angels are "Pimp Daddy's" all female, leather clad hit squad. Piss him off, get in his way or just generally annoy him and these lethal beauties will pay you a visit, and they don't play nice!