Last updated April 15th 2012

The below items are available for 

trade or sale...look me up on 

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Valor Vs Venom Polar Blast snow mobile

POC Rock Vipers (x6) yeah, right!!!

Any of the Dollar Store  Cobra Troopers!

25th Iron Grenadiers (x20)

25th armadillo 

25th flight pods (any)

25th Claw Gliders (any)

25th Gliders from ROC Grand slam or ross Captain Ace (Just the gliders, NOT the figures!)

25th Ghost Hawk (NOT ROC armored or GI Joe Retaliation one!)

Generic 25th heads for greenshirt troops...

CG "Fred" heads

heetseek missile system (x1)

Any of the Eversparkle sets like in this pic;

If you have any of the items in the below picture (Don't worry about colors, I take JUMPs, gliders and some of the guns in ANY color!), I will trade for them! 

Dino Hunters Vehicle!  

 I have a box of Guns/Backpacks/Accessories, a box of small vehicle parts and a box of large vehicle parts / shells.


 Now, what am I looking for?.....