Ok, usually I'm NOT one to do stupid crap like this. Really, this is so beneath me I feel dirty for doing it. But it's also fun and no one who knows this guy can't say it hasn't been a long time coming.....I would have said "Douchebag of the week"  like he does, but this guy needs a lifetime achievement award for creating a new definition of the word "tool"!

  Ladies and Gentlemen, EndersWars shamefully presents 

 Cory Castle.....

Emperor of the Assclowns

Yes sir, this world class tool not only wears being kicked off every decent website as a badge of honor, he likes to degrade decent an honorable people with a special award called "Douchebag of the Week" . 

 like so....



  Let's see, what is the Criteria for this? accoriding to him....

  "This strange little hobby of ours is basically filled with two types of people: phony pompous assholes and creepy creepy jobless fat dudes. And as a result of this fact, STS is ready to pour out the proper accolades upon these wretched individuals"

  First off....Phoney and Pompous assholes? Like guys who call themselves "Da Talent"? If only I could be so humble and true. 

   Secondly Creepy Jobless fat dudes? Like guys who have nothing but pics of them drinking on their facebook pages? What is your profession again Mr. Castle? Oh, thats right, Middle Age frat boy and Vanilla Ice wannabe! 

And speaking of FAT Creepy guys....your beer belly is showin....make sure you dig ALL that lint out of your belly button for us.... 

 Fat and Creepy? Well, how about this..... here's the fat....

Looks like someone needs a Man Bra!!!! 

Then, there's CREEPY...or Weird....you decide!!

Great Camouflage there Rambo!  Only a brain dead Gangsta wanna be redneck who never spent a day in the woods would dress in desert camo in the middle of a forest and carry a little .22 with a scope on it trying to be bad ass! Looking for some school girls to molest ya reject from deliverance? I can already hear the banjos...

And a few parting shots....what goes on in Vegas......

Feel lucky your buddies cropped out the Ladyboy an the Lama that were with you that night...

And this years I wanna be thug because I'm too dumb to be redneck and like Nascar award goes to...you guessed it...  

Yup at one time I was civil to this throwback to cave man, but when I was in Afghanistan, this racist assclown had the nerve to project his racism onto me and say I didn't post to enough to deserve his respect. Sorry, asshat, I was busy making sure jihadi's didn't blow your thankless ass up while you go about trying to make like you are some cheap dimestore Tucker Max! Don't worry, i'm still on the job...I don't wanna have to clean the lard out of the walls if they did blow you up you self serving racist douche! 

 he publishes this;


and this is his blogger profile;


 And I'M Racist! If this is what the University of Kentucky is putting out, they need to check their graduation requirements! 

  More of this assclowns rambling;

     "Well you jerks and jerkettes, Smash The State Figure Review-A-Thon has reached the end of its usable life, in two short years we accomplished all the things we set out to do:

1. Piss off nerds - Check
2. Write stupid things about stupid toys - Check
3. 1991 Grunt - Check
4. In jokes about stuff that happened 8 years ago - Check

So instead of seeing ourselfs start to get confortable and lazy (like we kinda are now) we're gonna call this whole thing off. 


  And you brag about being a College Graduate? Good to see mommy and daddy's money was so well spent. Glad to see you are a well rounded, articulate and productive member of society.  

  Pubic Service Announcement: To find out more about the level of disrespect this wonderful individual shows others, please see my post on "The Fallout at JoeDios" where he serves as not only self absorbed asshat "Da Talent", but also pulls double duty as the Moderator "HardBall". So if you ever see a thread get out of control and get locked over there, you'll notice he deletes all the intelligent replies that show what an asshat he really is BEFORE he locks them. Nothing like being GOD and making sure you get the last word in, is there?